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       Photo Engraving
  Have your favourite pictures engraved will make a perfect gift for any occasion you need. Don't forget we can have your photos engraved either in a Key chain or in a Necklace. Check out the available pendant shapes & models below, or download the Photo Engraving Order Form here to start with your order.  
Photo Engraved in a Keychain or Necklace

Available_Pendant_Shapes_and_ Models#
Available Pendant Shapes & Model #
(The real size of the pendants might be different from the picture)
-------------Download the Photo Engraving Order Form here------------

Note: Keep in mind we can also engrave extra message at the back of the pendant(another side of the pendant) if you want. Example message: (Dad, Happy 50th Birthday  Love Always, Diana July 15, 2010)

Here are some of the frequently asked questions that you might have regarding how to order the photo engraving from us:

1. How long will it take to receive the Picture Pendants (Engraved Photo Pendants)?

As long as we receive your pictures, generally, we can finish the photo engraving in a few hours. You can bring us the actual pictures (in paper), or in digital format such as USB disk, CD, or Memory Stick, and even text the picture to us if you want. If you email us the pictures, we recommand that you give us a call to make sure that if we have received it. This means you can pick up your picture pendants at the same day. If you prefer us to send you the pendants, it might take 5-10 business days, depending on the location where you reside, and the courier service.

2. How should I choose my pictures for the photo engraving? (What size and what format should I use?)

It really doesn't matter for the size of the picture itself. Most of the regular photos like 4"x6", 5"x7" or 8x10", and even wallet size, will be acceptable.  We will crop the pictures to fit according to the size and the shape of the pendants. We accept most of the image formats, like JPEG , BMP, GIF or TIFF. Photos can be in Black & White, or in Color. For the best result, please choose the photo with the clearest image instead of unclear or foggy one.

3. How can I send my photos to you?

You can send us the pictures through regular mail or through e-mail. We suggest you send us your pictures by e-mail. It will be more convinent and faster. If you send the pictures through e-mail, make sure that the image size does not exceed 4MB for one picture. Please email your photos to: TrulyEngravables@gmail.com.

To save the time and the trip, we trongly suggest that you send your pictures to us by email.  If through the regular mail, please send your pictures to the following address:
                                                    Attn:  Photo Engraving
                                             Truly Engravables
                                       1 Eglinton Square, Unit K5
                                 Toronto ON. Canada M1L 2K1

4. In short, how to order the Photo Engraving?

1)Download and Fill in all the information of the Photo Engraving Order Form.

2)Send us or email us(TrulyEngravables@gmail.com) your pictures with the Photo Engraving Order Form, and you will receive your photo engraving soon! 

3)Please note the shipping and handling fee might be applied if you prefer your photo engraved shipped by mail whithin Canada.